Please see below for an outline of our services.  Working on an agreed hourly rate, we will only ever charge for the time that a task has taken. We offer:

  • excellent customer service

  • competitive rates

  • accuracy, integrity & confidentiality

Copy Typing 
A copy typing service is available for handwritten documentation and other corporate documents which do not currently exist in electronic form.  We can also support you with our digital scanning and archiving services.

Formatting & Presentation of Documents


Whether you are writing a letter, preparing an external report or compiling a large tender response, it is important to present the content of your documents in a consistent and professional manner.  Bourne Office Services can assist you with tidying and formatting of documents, ensuring text, tables, pictures and graphics are presented in a way which will impress and engage your audience.  In addition, we can help you to manage the construction of larger documents by implementing pagination, indexation, table of contents, appendices and references as necessary.  Where you are preparing documents to a prescribed format, we can also help you to ensure your documents adhere to the requirements.

Proof Reading

If you require a fast and accurate proof reading service we can help. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Audio Typing 
We offer high quality, fast and accurate transcription work. Letters, dissertations, business reports, minutes and emails can be typed up from sound files received electronically.


Research projects can require an investment of time to carefully sift through, validate  and edit the data.  If you don’t have the time, or manpower, to conduct research yourself, Bourne Office Services are ready to support you.

Presentation Creation 
Presentations are an integral part of business communications, and visual presentation support is a key tool for conveying and reinforcing your intended message.  At Bourne Office Services, we can help you to create or refine your visual presentation, allowing you to concentrate on structure, flow and  attention-grabbing content.
This is by no means an exhaustive list of our services so if you're looking for something that is not listed, please contact us to find out if Bourne Office Services can be of assistance.

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